Fugue-like stop-motion short?
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I'm looking for an stop-motion short that loops and repeats like a fugue, with people overlapping and walking around each other!

The short is smaller than 10 minutes long and is entirely about the interior of a room. It's black-and-white and looks like stop-motion frames of photographs that have been cutout and photographed.

It starts with one boy appearing on screen, bouncing a ball, then following the ball off screen. Then the boy appears again and does the same exact actions, except a man also appears and walks around. The next 'loop', the boy and the man appear and do the exact same actions, while another person appears. This continues until after a while, the scene is filled with people repeating their actions over and over again. Then people slowly start to disappear one by one, until the film ends with the initial boy bouncing his ball, and then walking offscreen.

If I remember correctly it was an Eastern European director? Made sometime between the 60s and 80s? I'll know it when I see it but I can't find it with Google - oh hive mind, please hope me!
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Response by poster: YESSSS, Thank you!
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