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I saw this photo on instagram and I think I have found my tribe! Where can I find the pink dress on the very left or styles that are similar?
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You can get another look at it here.
The shot that shows the back and zipper pull leads me to believe it's vintage or even home sewn.
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Check out Desigual.
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Modcloth has a lot of good dresses with nice bright pops of color right now. This one is out of stock, but kind of has a bit of the same oomph as the one in your photo.
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Agreed that your (delightful) linked images are going to be impossible to find.

Things to check out:

Mix & Match dresses at ureshii
Joe Browns at Simply Be (and if you're a teeny person, it's available in smaller sizes on amazon, though selection varies)
The prints from Boden
Jewelry from Tatty Devine
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Can't help with finding the dress, but here is the blog of your tribe, in case you didn't already know.
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Hi! I like to dress in bold, happy stuff! Can't help you on that particular dress, but I can light the way.

Tights! Check out We Love Colors. Get colors you like and then wear them. Wear em with anything! Don't worry too much about if something goes or not, just do what makes your legs feel happy.

Accessories! My things are earrings and shoes. Decide what your things are. Maybe your things are hats and necklaces like this cool lady. Then give yourself a budget for frippery and just let yourself buy stuff as the whim strikes you. My budget (and taste) is cheap. I like Girl Props and amazon for earrings and lately I've been getting a lot of fun shoes on amazon. If something strikes your fancy, let yourself get it. Let whimsy be your guide.

Dresses! As linked above, I've gotten a lot of fun clothes on Modcloth. Another source I've enjoyed is the Cowcow brand on amazon. Cowcow isn't really in line with your linked lady's style so much, but bold and happy? Good lord yes. For the price, I've been really really impressed with the fit and wear of the Cowcow dresses I have.

For searching to find things like what your lady is wearing, I might throw up search terms like color geometric shift dress and go from there.
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Maybe more hippie-ish than you're looking for, but Gudrun Sjoden has some colorful and funky stuff. You might also try vintage shops for more dresses like the one on the left.
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The Australia brand Gorman should be right up your alley!
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Seconding Gorman. Actually, there's a few Australian brands in this sort of style. I also like Dragstar, and Obus.

Otherwise, you might try Cos, they do a lot of nice geometric shapes and some interesting prints. At the pricier end of the spectrum, Marimekko. If you're a sewer, you might take inspiration from Ivy Arch.
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Response by poster: These are great and should keep me busy and bright for awhile! Thank you so much! New resolution to only buy colors for the next year.
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If you search under "Color Block" shift or dress, you'll see a variety of dresses similar to the one you like.
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