Which Republicans have stopped supporting Donald Trump?
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Who are the politicians revoking support from Donald Trump? I'm looking for people who aren't on this wiki yet.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger just announced he was pulling support. Also, The Atlantic has a pretty comprehensive list.
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Mark Kirk said that Trump should drop out.
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@Taniel (Daniel Nichanian) has been maintaining this "GOP elected officials' reaction to Trump's 2005 video" Google Sheet which may be a useful reference tool.
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Jason Chaffetz.
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There goes John McCain.
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I think there might be more listed in that article and in this N.Y. Times article linked from it, too.
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This list doesn't include the original #nevertrump guys including Ben Sasse of Nebraska
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Former NJ governor Christine Todd Whitman.
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Deadspin has a pretty comprehensive list here that they will update as the fallout continues.
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Both Alaska senators, and since Sullivan is owned body and soul by the Koch bros I assume that means they are withdrawing support too.
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Paul Ryan is dropping his support.
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