Is it safe?
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Is it safe to update my iPhone to ios10 ? It keeps bugging me. I have a 6s plus.
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About 63% of iOS users have updated to iOS 10. Are there any particular "safety" concerns you have?
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You should be fine. I'm on the public beta channel, so I just got the second public beta update for iOS 10.1, and it runs very smoothly on my iPhone 6S.
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Yes, it's a great update. My wife runs it on her rose gold 6s.
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I don't like the removal of the swipe to open the phone feature. I feel like I spend more time with opening and closing apps to find what I want.
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I don't love it. Opening the phone is different and the interface in general is different. But it's fine and I'm sure I'll get used to it. It's not really buggy or anything. And you're going to have to switch at some point, so what do you gain by waiting?

I suspect security is actually better.
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I have a 6+ and have had ios10 since a few days after it released. I mostly like it, but agree that the open/unlock changes are a pain in the keister. Otherwise, no problems at all.
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If you hate the open/unlock changes, you might prefer this settings change, at least if you use the fingerprint sensor.
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I updated. It's fine. I hate the unlock.. I keep swiping. But otherwise, all good.
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another data point for "fine, but change is always annoying." 6S+ here.
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I did not update it so I can't say for sure if it seems intrusive or can be turned off, but the description of the changes to Photos that automatically identify and group faces and locations gave me pause.
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6S user here. Sadly, I seem to be one of the rare folks for whom the update dramatically reduced battery life. It seems to be not an issue for any of my friends or most of the Internet, but it's definitely my experience : (

I do dread updating my mom's due to the significant interface issues mentioned above more than the fear of a battery issue with hers.
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I updated about a week ago, and I am not a fan. Aside from the open screen, the entire phone seems clunkier to operate. Did the emojis in text messages really have to be bigger?
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Ever since I updated, I can no longer use my phone in my bedroom. I can hear the other person, but they can't hear me. 6S+. I regret updating.
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Safe? Yes. But I really really really hate the changes they made. Really. Really.


If I could take it back, I would.
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I'm wary of this upgrade too. Some of the "improvements" to iMessage sound dreadful, regardless of whatever cartoonish nonsense some other markets might like.
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5s and I don't like the additional features clogging up the screen with helpful drivel but, whatever. The thing it does now that I DO NOT like is that Pandora seems to be running all the time, I can't figure out how to turn it off like I used to be able to, what this means is that either by butt command or something more sinister it starts playing on its own when it is in my pocket with the headphones plugged in so I don't notice until I hear this faint tinny sound coming from somewhere.
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6s. I'd wait until the bug fix release for this.

It now takes a touch and then a press on the home button to get to the screen when it's locked.

They've added even more suck to the podcast app, and really messed up the in-car Bluetooth connection. It's now impossible to play more than one episode of a podcast in your car without touching the screen after each episode. The phone also tells the car that it is off-hook at random intervals, shutting off the car radio.
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Had to remove my favorite reminder app because the update and the app didn't play nice together and became extremely buggy.
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It now takes a touch and then a press on the home button to get to the screen when it's locked.

You can revert this behavior: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > Rest Finger to Open
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I have a 6. The update has been great for my phone.

Unless there are specific things that would significantly impair the experience of using the phone, I would always update.

But I'm not you.
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I think the update is great. It took me one try to get used to the home button to get to the unlock screen; I have never accidentally swiped to unlock ever since the one time. Do people really have an issue with that? I don't get why, at all...

iMessage bothered me at first, for about three minutes, then I hid the extra icons. Now I like it.

I like how more of texts and emails show up in preview without having to unlock the phone.

All of my apps updated themselves to be compatible. Not a single bug.

I love the new update. But I love change in general. (We rearrange our house at least once a year or more.)
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I have a 5. Had some issues at first but then the next update (.01 or something) came along and it's all good.
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Can I piggyback and ask if there is some way to get rid of the constant nagging if I DON'T want to update?
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It's generally a good update. The iMessage stuff is fun and occasionally very useful. The new notifications and widgets are excellent. I am still a bit janked up by the move away from swipe to unlock, but changing the setting to remove the required press has helped somewhat, and I suspect it will be a natural as swipe was in a month or two.

really messed up the in-car Bluetooth connection. It's now impossible to play more than one episode of a podcast in your car without touching the screen after each episode. The phone also tells the car that it is off-hook at random intervals, shutting off the car radio.

I haven't noticed any difference in the Bluetooth connection. I suspect this depends strongly on your car and its software.
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6 user who updated just after the new iOS came out. I like it and I hate it.

The new features in iMessage, especially that if you type "LOL" or "taco" or whatever that has an emoticon, the quicktext feature now offers that emoticon so you don't need to find it in the palette.

Music has been switched back to having your own library at the front and Apple Music in the tabs beyond that. The previous way was stupid, even though I actually have and love Apple Music.

Mostly like:
The new widgets. I just wish they were still accessible by swiping down at the top (which is now just the notification centre) rather than by swiping right.

The camera is now accessible from the lock screen by swiping left.

Like others, the unlock gesture, even with the workaround so that I can just hold my thumb to the home key. It has been a couple of weeks now and my brain is still not adjusting. It'll get there, but right now it's frustrating.

The way messages show up on the lock screen. It lets you respond to them there, but often displays incoming messages out of order. Maybe that'll be fixed in a future release.

Most notifications, especially alarm. When I'm sleepy it's hard to figure out how to turn my alarm off. You have to swipe down (I think? I'm tired when this happens!) and that'll give you the option to turn off the alarm or snooze it. It's also confusing from the lock screen.

Otherwise, no battery issues or anything. My likes and gripes are all software based.
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i dig the new ios. i have noticed batter life is reduced tho, and i can't figure out why. nothing else is running, so it must be the os. i have a 6s+.
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Notifications are different in iOS 10. They take up a lot more screen real estate when they slide down from the top of the screen. If you have any reminders or calendar events set up and the notification style you selected is the "manually dismiss" kind, be aware that the notification will slide down and completely cover up the turn-by-turn directions in the Maps app. It's borderline user-hostile, if you ask me.

There ought to be a way to suspend visual alerts if the accelerometer detects the phone is moving faster than walking speed. I don't need a calendar reminder for an event I'm trying to navigate to.
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I use multiple folders to save some emails and like the new feature where it asks if you want to save in the folder you last used for that type of message.
I also like the new widgets and the fact that you can pick which ones you want to display.

I have to use the touch ID settings, the swipe just didn't work often enough for my soft, dry, wrinkled fingers.

I dislike the way it works now for audiobooks, podcasts etc. I use Hoopla for library audiobooks and ios10 doesn't play well with it.

It also takes longer to acknowledge an alarm. I use a lot of alarms and have been used to stopping them in the first couple of note, now I have to hold down the notice to show the stop, otherwise I get a snooze and the alarm goes off again. Definitely annoying!

The negatives outweigh the positives, I would go back if I could.... although I do hate the nags too, they are hard to ignore.
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I just found out you can turn off the new unlock feature in Settings, General, Accessibility, Home Button, Rest Finger to Open.

Edit: sorry, destructive cactus, didn't see you already posted this!
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Some app on my 5S started filling my phone's memory after I upgraded to 10. First I knew about it was when I tried to take a photo two days after the upgrade - which had left me with about 1.5 GB of space on a 32 GB phone - and was told there wasn't enough space. Over the course of the next week - I was on vacation and wanted to take lots of photos! - I deleted all the music on the pnone, some old screenshots, some apps I hadn't used much, and finally some apps I didn't really want to lose but decided I'd live without. I *think* one of that final set was the culprit... at least, the amount of space freed up in that round of deletions was far more than the sum of the app usages indicated in Settings, and a week and a half later I still have a fair bit of space on the phone.
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