iOS app that has historical weather data
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I have the best weather app, Dark Skies. I am looking for an app that will show me historical weather data by day, or something close to it. My ideal app would show me today, the record temps, and then just historical data for the date. E.g., the temp last year, the year before, in 1964, etc. I'm most interested in temperature data, but other stuff like precipitation would be great too. I feel like some enterprising soul must have made an app like this.
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CARROT'S weather app claims to do that. I've never checked to see if it's accurate though
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I love Weather Underground's Historical Weather Data, unfortunately none of their great iOS apps display it. The mobile site isn't bad though.
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Wolfram Alpha give you weather data for any date and location, assuming they have the data. They have quite a bit in my experience.
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