Vancouver over Thanksgiving?
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Thanks to overzealous use of Google Flights, I'm going to Vancouver next week. Which is great, but I'll be there over Thanksgiving. Will there be anything to do or anything open over the holiday? I especially need ideas that are inside in case of bad weather. (My current plans are 1. go to Vancouver Island overnight 2. eat ALL the sushi 3. whale watch 4.walk/bike around aimlessly)
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Best answer: You're in luck--the Vancouver International Film Festival is running now, and will run through the Thanksgiving weekend. Here's the website and here's a link to this year's screening schedule [pdf].
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The Flick by Annie Baker is playing every night at the Arts Club Theatre Company. The Canucks are playing the Oilers on Saturday in pre-season hockey.
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Canadian Thanksgiving is this month.
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From the first sentence of the question: "I'm going to Vancouver next week." -- genmonster will be there for Canadian Thanksgiving
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Most of the major tourist attractions will be open on Thanksgiving. Try the Museum of Anthropology at UBC or the Aquarium at Stanley Park.
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Be aware that getting to Vancouver Island (Victoria?) from downtown Vancouver by transit and ferry is going to take about 5-6 hours one way. So the return trip from Van consumes 2 days.

We live in Victoria, and we're going to Tofino for the long weekend.
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Echoing what My Dad said... If you can swing it financially, look into a Harbour Air flight when you head to Victoria. It's a quick seaplane ride that takes you from downtown Vancouver to downtown Victoria (only potential limitation is the baggage allowance).
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I've never really had good sushi on the island so I'd suggest eating all the [mainland] sushi.

Revolver coffee. Insanely expensive and worth the price.
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Harbour Air is great, as long as the weather cooperates at this time of year. The seaplanes are not equipped with radar, so if there is low cloud or fog, they're grounded. I used to have to take the seaplane to Van at least once a week for work, and in the fall I would often be stuck on one side or the other waiting for the weather to clear. If I had to get home it sometimes meant staying overnight in a hotel (paid for by the company, of course).
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Helijet flies in worse weather than Harbour air. It's cheaper from downtown as well. Check it out.

PS - if you want a Thanksgiving dinner, Fable kitchen in Kitsilano is doing a three course menu on the Sunday.
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If you are in Victoria after the long weekend, and are a Lord of the Rings fan, you could check out the one man lord of the Rings at uvic's Phoenix theatre. Featuring alumni, Charlie Ross, saw his one man Star Wars, it was great.
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This wasn't part of your question, but: Kibune Sushi in Kitsilano.
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Thanksgiving in Canada is not the huge, everything-shuts-down holiday it is in the States. Part of this is because folks have their big dinners on different days — roughly split between Sunday and Monday, and some on Saturday, too. So the weekend will be quiet, but not dead.

The things that will close all day Monday are generally government services, banks, and maybe some museums. Most businesses will be open during the day, but many will close up shop in the early evening.
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