Updated version of School Days Record Book
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As a kid I was given a copy of the School Days Record Book illustrated by Helen Cann, a type of journal where you can record memories of your schooling years from pre-school to end of high school. This version's out of print/only available used; I'm looking for recommendations for a similar school-oriented journal that's more current. (Bonus points if compatible with the UK education system)
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Ha, I was just looking for one of these for my kids. At the risk of suggesting the obvious, did you try amazon.co.uk to look for a school memory book? I found this one, and the comments suggest that it is written for the UK school system. It only is for primary school years, though.
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Here's one that appears to go from nursery school to Year 12. It even looks like the pockets can accommodate A4 paper without folding.
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