My replies go into a DRAFT box
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I have a Dell with windows10. When someone sends me an email and I try to reply , my reply is tagged as DRAFT and it never gets sent back to the original sender.I have tried various methods and nothing works to correct the problem. I assume it is a simple error on my part.A reply could be sent to
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What program or website are you using to send email?
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As you list a gmail address, I am guessing that you use email via the gmail website.

Gmail automatically saves drafts as you go, and will keep them if you start to compose a message but then don't send it. The problem might be that when you try to click the 'Send' button, something is stopping that from working.

If so, the answer is likely to be to do with your browser. To test this, do you have a different browser in which you can try to open and log in to your email? For example, Windows 10 may use the Edge browser by default, but some websites may work better in Internet Explorer instead.

In more detail, you could work through the suggestions here:
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If you're using Outlook, check to make sure you don't have Working Offline option set. That's different depending on your version of Outlook so you'll need to Google for your version's instructions.
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