Customer service platform that suggests canned responses
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We're a small business currently using just a shared gmail account for our customer service inquiries. We're looking to switch to software better designed for this usage. I've been checking out, freshdesk, zendesk.,, salesforce, and others. One feature I'm having trouble nailing down though, is for the software to automatically search for certain keywords in the incoming emails and suggest canned responses we have on file based on what's found. Which platforms can do this?
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With HappyFox, you can set up rules that look for certain words and tag the post. It also allows you to do canned responses. I'm not sure if the two are conjoined.
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ZenDesk has this feature. It's an add-on/widget/app, but it's available. I've worked for a company that used it to suggest articles from our (ZenDesk-integrated) Help Center.
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