Who should I follow on twitter for LA?
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I like getting my news and local flavor from twitter. In Chicago I follow some local journalists, activists and media outlets. Who should I follow now that I'm moving to Los Angeles

I like leftist politics, urban planning, Social Justice Warriors, theatre and comedy nerds. Is there somebody that wonders around LA taking interesting architecture photos? Somebody that catalogs bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure? Who's the good theatre critic? I don't care about celebrity gossip. Thanks
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Best answer: I like @CurbedLA for architecture, city planning, urban planning, and they're not dry about it.

You have to follow @LAScanner to find out what's going on in a comedic and not very useful way. Like any Angeleno, my comprehension of the city and its events is based around the flow of traffic, so LA Scanner sometimes tells you why the freeway is slow right now. Or maybe just makes you giggle.

I also recommend @earthquakesLA (quake bot, I find it reassuring to see the constant stream of small quakes), @LosFelizDaycare (comedy), and I follow a bunch of local agencies like @LADWP, and @LAFD.
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@HiddenLA is pretty great. And seconding @LosFelizDaycare which is really, really spot-on satire.
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Best answer: A couple of journalists for urban planning/transportation stuff are @awalkerinLA (the Urbanism editor at Curbed) and @laura_nelson, who covers transportation and mobility for the LA Times.

I follow a couple of public transportation/pedestrian advocacy orgs, like @LosAngelesWalks and @VisionZeroLA. @metrolosangeles is reasonably up-to-date on delays, etc.

I follow a couple of history feeds, too, like @LAasSubject (a USC Libraries project about the history of LA) and @LArailhistory.
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Seconding Hidden Los Angeles (@hiddenla). It's a nice overview of local going-ons. Curbed is also pretty good for the urban planning in-depth stuff and I tend to prefer it over LA Weekly.

LA Conservancy (@LAConservancy) is a great non-profit with tons of pics of local architecture. As an aside, I also highly recommend their DTLA Saturday morning architecture walking tours.
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