Cleaning your windshield
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How can I remove a film on the inside of my windshield and keep it clear ?

I recently had my windshield replaced. The new glass has a film on the inside that I cannot get off. I've tried ammonia (windex/blue stuff) and vinegar, as well as newspaper or paper towels, and the ready-to-use window wipes. Nothing has worked so far. After a few days, the windshield is still full of smudgy/smeary fog.

The previous windshield did not have this problem. The car is a 2007 outback, and had the original replaced because of a nasty crack going across the drivers field of vision.
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Is it possible it has a layer of something you're supposed to peel off (or the installers were and they didn't? Can you ask the people who replaced your windshield?
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I have a thing about dirty windshields, so I keep a can of Invisible Glass at home and at work. It's tint-safe and works *much* better than Windex.

That said, your situation doesn't sound right. I second brainmouse's idea of contacting the installer for more info.
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Try rubbing alcohol. I mix it to 50% and put it in a spray bottle but maybe one wipe full strength will fix you up.
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This sounds like it may be a result of the windscreen sealant gassing off as it cures maybe? I'm surprised it has lasted a couple of days, but rubbing alcohol and regular cleaning should sort this out. After a week I'd be surprised it was still happening.

I'd raise it with the installer, though, I've never heard of a non-obvious film on the inside of a screen, but there is always a chance there is something like that. Either way, log the complaint with them as soon as possible because if something is wrong, the sooner you complain the better.
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0000 steel wool, four aught only.
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I will double check to make sure there isn't a physical layer on the glass (pretty sure there isn't, but see how using the word film could imply that).

Then I will try rubbing alcohol (diluted) and hope that works, and if not, reach back out to the installer.
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I would take it back to the place that did the work and have them finish their job.
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I had two windshields replaced in two different cars from two different places in the last 2 years, and for each my first impression was "wow, that's clean". Sounds like something is wrong with yours.
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So as a follow up:
- There isn't a removable film on the window. I pulled a razor scraper out to make sure, it's just glass
- After cleaning with rubbing alcohol, 2 days later it's back to a haze on the windshield.

So I'll try to find the receipt from the folks who replaced it (it was arranged via insurance company) and see if they can suggest anything. (And then, maybe try the invisible glass as suggested by workerant)
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