Papa wants a brand new bag. But not that one. Or that one, either.
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EDC query: help me find a nylon bag that hangs from my belt.

My Google-Fu has failed me. I am looking for something like the Maxpedition TC-6 Pouch, to attach to my belt and carry my stuff.

However, I don't want the bag to *attach to* my belt; I want it to *hang from* my belt with two straps.

Apparently bags like this are popular in Japan. The bags I have found for sale are made out of leather and more expensive than I care for (example). I'm looking for something cheaper, in black nylon.

Does such a thing exist? And if there were an iPhone carrying case that did this as well, that'd be great.
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It looks like you can accomplish that with the pouch you linked to plus their TacTie straps - is that an option?
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Generally speaking, drop-leg pouches are quite a bit bigger than belt pouches, which is fine if that's your, uh, bag. Urbantool tends to specialize in these. Here's something simpler from an Etsy vendor (check out their other items too). Here's another Etsy vendor with drop-leg pouches.
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TacTie strips are for weaving through webbing, they will not help hang the pouch, for what it's worth.
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they will not help hang the pouch, for what it's worth

Why not? There are loops on the back of the bag, so you loop the tactie straps through those and secure them, and then you loop your belt through it. I suppose these specific straps may not help but it seems to me you can use any strap that will make a loop.
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Here you go. I searched belt satchel. Is that what you mean by hanging?

Also there's several that have one clasp but also have two d rings for a strap that you could slide two shorter straps through.
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