Backpack that will fit a 15.6" Dell Business Laptop?
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Hello. I'm trying to find a high-end quality backpack for university for my 15.6" business laptop. Price range could be from $100 - $210. Something that will last a long time.

So, I'm looking for a solid backpack, which could be a business design as well. Something that is sleek and black, which can tolerate paper notebooks, water bottles, and with pockets for pens and pencils. I'm having difficulty finding one that will fit a 15.6" Dell business laptop for university. Something that's not bulky and looks like I'm about to trek to Mount Fiji. Something small-ish to medium size would do. I've read that Everki is a fantastic brand for laptops as well. What backpack in this sense is most practical and comfortable? Yet, looks asestically pleasing in design.

Bonus: If there's one that can also fit a Canon DSLR that would be pretty sweet. (Camera doesn't have to be in the bag with the laptop, since I'll be bringing my camera only in my bag when I go hiking.)

Thanks Folks!
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Tom Bihn has some that might fit your needs--I'd start with the Brain Bag.
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The Tom Bihn Smart Alec is right at the top of your price range, but I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with it. My wife has one as her main work bag and transports her 15" Thinkpad in it all the time (get the Brain Bag to go with). It's her everyday bag for work, and it's been with her all over Canada and around the world a few times. It's five years old or so and still looks new.

She likes that it's a very sleek bag with little dangling or exposed on the outside. It looks smaller than it feels, if that makes sense. It also comes in a bunch of colours.

There is tons of room for a DSLR inside. Bihn even has a camera insert for sale, but we've not used one.
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@bonehead Thank-you kindly for the insightful description! I'll be sure to look this up.
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@praemunire Thanks!
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You might want to search eBags to get some ideas. That's what I used when I had similar requirements a few years back, though for me an academic look rather than professional was fine. On briefly reviewing their 15" laptop line, I see they have some Everkis, so there is some overlap with your initial inclinations.
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(Relatively new) Tom Bihn fan here too. I got a Brain Bag earlier this year and it's pretty great. Fits a 15" laptop with no problem, at least. I'm very happy with the thing. (It's huge though. Still "normal backpack" size but at the upper limits of that.)

I've been looking at the Synapse 25 for something a bit smaller, but I'm not sure if it'd hold a 15" laptop. (It looks like it would, but I'd ask them to make sure.)

Also noteworthy: Tom Bihn sells handy laptop compartments for their backpacks but that's a fair bit extra.
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1. Dump that 15.6" laptop ASAP and get a 11" chromebook or Macbook Air. A laptop that big will be murder on your back, particularly when you add in some text books.

2. My Timbuk2 Commute is a few months shy of a decade of daily use, with plenty of domestic and international air travel. I bought it for a 15" Macbook Pro a decade ago, but today I won't carry anything larger than 13", and generally prefer 11" laptops and tablets.
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Hedgren. I've been using one of their nicely designed, minimal backpacks to carry my 17" MacBook Pro around for over six years now and it's still in great shape. The site lets you filter by laptop size, including 15.6"... maybe one of these from the new collection fits the bill?
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It might be bigger than you want however I've got the Targus Voyager laptop backpack and am very happy with it. It fits both my 17" laptop and my SLR with battery grip and two lenses plus a change of clothes, lunch (in a built in insulated food storage pocket), chargers for camera and phone, and e-book reader. (I used it travelling by air between home and camp). With nothing in the side, mesh, water bottle pockets it is a legal carry on. I've got dozens of trips and hundreds of hours on it with no sign of wear. I'm not the only one; it is a quite popular bag for people flying to camps.

The zipper side pockets each handle a good size lense (70-300 f4 zoom) wrapped in cloth for protection.

The buckled straps are nice because they collapse the bag when emptier but accommodate really stuffing things in. They also make it a bit harder for a thief to just unzip the bag to steal stuff.

The top handle is durable and comfortable even with 25 kgs of stuff inside.

And it has a rain shield if you get stuck in a down pour though I've never seen even moderate rain penetrate to the interior when zipped and buckled.

Amazon Canada/USA
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