ISO the best blanket or quilt money can buy [on Amazon]
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Can you help me find the softest, most comfortable, no-wool, no-fur, no-down (yeah, vegan) queen-size blanket, quilt, or duvet insert that is available for purchase through Amazon?

One of the last acts of my painfully recently dearly departed 20-year-old cat was to completely soak my treasured decade-old IKEA duvet in his pee, leaving me both bereft and blanketless. I can't justify schlepping all the way back to IKEA or justify paying their outrageous shipping prices to buy it online, but I do have a Prime subscription and $200 in Amazon gift cards that I can throw at the problem.

My sheets and pillowcases are all linen (NB: very highly recommended) and I already have a matching linen duvet cover, so color/style doesn't matter. The warmer, the better! I like those super-heavy hotel-style quilts very much and would strongly prefer something that is machine-washable.

Can you help me find the blanket/quilt/duvet insert of my dreams?
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Not sure if Amazon is the strict requirement or just, like, the internet, because I've been using The Company Store's primaloft comforters for years and they are the. best. Lots of choices of like... "goodness" and weight. Plus it looks like all their primaloft stuff is 30% off for labor day, huzzah!
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(Specifically I'd look at either the Primaloft Deluxe or the Legends Luxury Geneva for your needs, both available in "extra warmth" weight and both with duvet corner ties.)
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You didn't say no-silk but I want to acknowledge that you asked for vegan and I understand that mulberry silk may be unacceptable for you. However, I love our LEAFTELL comforters so much that I figured it couldn't hurt to present the option.

It appears that only the lightweight 'summer' style is currently available but there were definitely heavier 'fall/winter' versions when I looked a few months ago. My link defaults to the Twin XL, but the Queen is available on Prime for just over $100 right now.
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I got my beloved white flowered cotton quilt on Amazon. Washes readily in the washing machine too. I'd link but cannot find it in my orders. I am also very fond of my down comforter (no animals harmed in creating it) with which I use this cover.
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