A ? from a ? in a zoot suit
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Trying to ID a kids' LP from my childhood as neither my mother or I can remember enough detail. It was probably 70s or early 80s in origin and had a fairly psychedelic cover involving cartoon animals. It was either called 'us adibals and fings' (although googling that has not helped) or had a song that included that as a lyric. It definitely had a song/spoken word thing that ended with a line 'a (unknown - possibly kiss?) from a (unknown) in a zoot suit'.

Location wise, I grew up in South Africa with an English father, so it may have been sent to us by that side of the family. But I feel like the zoot suit reference would put it as originally locating from the US.

My mom is undergoing chemo at the moment so the chemo brain is strong and not being able to remember more is making her very cranky, so I come to Ask to cheer her up. Please hope me. ;) Ideally, I would like to perhaps acquire a copy in some form as we listened to it a lot.
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Might it have been derived from Dr. Seuss somehow? Fox in Socks had an album issued in the late sixties, but if I remember right the Zoot in a Suit character was in Wocket in My Pocket, along with the Jertain Behind the Curtain et al. Maybe a combo?

Sorry I can't be more help, but it hit the psychedelic cartoon animal mark at least.
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Best answer: Sounds like it may have originated from the children's show Uz Adibalz an Fings or its spinoff, Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, both created by South African artist Roelna Loew. Quick searching didn't turn up any records currently for sale, but hopefully that breadcrumb helps.
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Best answer: Follow's circle's excellent comment, here's a picture of a cover of a Uz Adibalz an Fings album.
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Response by poster: Circle, thank you! That indeed was it! I am slightly too young for the actual tv show (SA tv wasn't big on reruns or indeed, a lot of broadcast hours) but I am pretty sure the LP was effectively the audio of the episodes as I definitely remember this one - the Lonely Spider - very well.

And it is a kiss from a Zoot in the spotted suit as the sign off.

This has cheered my mother up immensely. :D
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Best answer: link directly to the quote :)
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