What is this sign?
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A friend and I walked by this sign. I thought it seemed a little fishy, so I asked another friend and he said it's definitely not a National Security Agency sign. So then what is it?
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Can you tell us the city/state/region/something where you saw it?
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Response by poster: Glendale, California.
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If you're in Glendale, are you sure it's not left over from something that's being or has recently been filmed there? That would be my guess -- it's a prop.
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It's certainly not NSA. I worked for a while at a company that did major work for NSA, and they were invariably referred to as "Fort Mead". We were told never to refer to "NSA".

(I have no idea why. Also, that was the worst job I ever had in my life.)
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That star could be a Rub el Hizb and so maybe the sign is trying to make some political point?
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Strange... my guess would be something to do with Occult symbolism. Here's this, if it helps.
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White supremacists frequently accuse the NSA of being controlled by Jews, or by Israel. I would assume it's a sign from some group associated with that movement.

I'm not going to link to any specific sites, but if you do the usual internet search for "jews controlling nsa" you'll find lots of hate.
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Probably not useful, but the eagle is the same one used here.
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It took me a minute to realize, but that's a Star of Lakshmi, associated with Hinduism, and is not the Judaic Star of David.
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Although your photo doesn't give any context, the sign appears to be professionally mounted in a substantial frame behind glass, like a movie poster. It may not be a mysterious rune that needs a deep interpretation. I'd suggest you go back there and find out who owns the frame and put up the sign. The meaning will follow from that.
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FWIW, the actual NSA logo is kinda nifty; an eagle with a shield, clutching a key.
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Or use Street View to find out what establishment the frame is attached to, and phone them.
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If you provide an address, can go check it out this week and ask around.

The idea that it is a movie prop is a good one, but I'll have to confirm.

My idea, since someone got the Hebrew symbolism wrong (heh) is that it's either (a) a movie prop to do with a conspiracy theory plot or (b) anti-gov't propaganda/street art by someone trying to make a statement?
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I've seen that. It's across the street from a Harley dealership. Also, right next to it is (or at least was, I haven't paid attention) a stage theater. Might have something to do with that.
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The NSA is quite particular about the use of its logo for unaffiliated projects and has unsuccessfully sued people in the past for satirizing them.

The 8-pointed star design has been found in Islamic art & architecture as well as in Buddhist and Hindu symbolism. As others pointed out, it is most assuredly not the six-pointed Star of David, which is composed of triangles, not squares.
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"I've seen that. It's across the street from a Harley dealership."

Aha! As suspected, this is on Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village and not Glendale proper... See: suspicion this is badly sourced conspiracy theory iconography to make a political statement.

Atwater Village. That explains it!!
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In this Atwater Village scenario, the reference to Islamic (as well as Hindu and Buddhist symbolism referenced above) might be spot on. In the sense that it makes you think and then re-think. See: Atwater Village.

(I wish they had better public schools because I would be living there right now... :))
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It's gone now, by the way. And no, it isn't Atwater Village. Atwater ends at the intersection of Brand and San Fernando, and north on San Fernando, where this was, is Glendale.
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