What comic did this routine about Mr. T?
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I heard a routine on the radio by a comic (Canadian, perhaps?) in which he talked a length about his hero worship of Mr. T as a child. It had me in stitches. Please tell me this guy's name.

My google-fu has failed. The comic's delivery was kind of deadpan, which made it even more funny. I remember a specific part of the act where he talked about Mr. T instructing him not to talk to strangers. The follow-up was that he had made this promise to Mr. T, but that because he was now an adult he wanted Mr. T to "release him from this pact". He went on at length about many other Mr. T related things. He never did an impression of Mr. T mind you. It was kind of oddly respectful but hilarious.
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Best answer: K Trevor Wilson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7hapKX3gRE
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Boom. rebooter has it.

For fun, see also MoonOrb's fantastic fpp about the Mr. T cartoon, which is referenced in this bit.
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I so want Mr. T to post a reply video in which he releases that guy from the pact.
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Response by poster: Wow. That was it rebooter. Awesome.
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