Stand-up comedy albums on Spotify?
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I'm going to be making a long drive this weekend, and to entertain myself I like to listen to stand-up comedy albums on Spotify. Unfortunately, I've listened to most of the albums from comics I know and enjoy, so I need suggestions for new ones that I might enjoy. List of comedians I love inside.

Comics I really enjoy but who don't have anything left for me on Spotify:

Kyle Kinane
Hari Kondabolu
Louis C.K.
Myq Kaplan
Marina Franklin
John Mulaney
Kumail Nanjiani
Tig Notaro
Eugene Mirman
Mike Birbiglia
Hannibal Buress
Maria Bamford
Wyatt Cenac
Aziz Ansari
Patton Oswalt

I don't like comedy that's sexist, racist, transmisogynistic, or homophobic. A one-off line or two, I can deal with, but if a whole bit is predicated on it, I'm turning it off. Bonus points for female comedians who don't rely on internalized misogyny and tearing other women down. Other than that, I'm open to anything.
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Marc Maron! But note that "This Has to Be Funny" and "Thinky Pain" will go down a lot more easily than his other albums available on Spotify; those two were recorded after his life and career turned around. The others come from a stretch where he's really bitter and angry and, while they're still funny, they can be hard to take.
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Dana Gould is the most underrated stand-up ever.
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John Pinette
Rob Paravonian
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Also, side note that Pandora has comedy as well, which has gotten me through some long road trips. It does take a bit of thumbs-down curating to teach it that homophobia, transphobia, etc., are not welcome in my feed. (Which has ended up looking remarkably like your list above.)
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No Eddie Izzard?
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You've probably already thought of these, but:

Ellen DeGeneres has standup on Spotify that is "family friendly" in that there is little-to-no cussing, but still funny in a Jim Gaffigan type of way.

Also taking it back in time with female comics is Margaret Cho on Spotify.
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Have you tried Ed Byrne or Dara O'Briain? There are a lot of stellar UK comedians out there, but they're my favorites. (Also seconding Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill.)
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Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan?
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I'm a big fan of most of those comedians. Other comedians I enjoy on Rdio (hoping that similar results apply to Spotify):

Kyle Cease
Todd Barry
Cristela Alonzo
Bo Burnham ("what." - better in video, but still very good)
Michael Ian Black
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Doug Benson is really good at never punching down. If you don't mind weed related humor, give him a try!
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David Cross for sure.
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He's not for everyone (if you're laughing at his jokes, he'll be laughing with you), but I am a fan of Pete Holmes and would suggest either/both of his albums.
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Kathleen Madigan and Jackie Kashian would fit the bill!
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Cameron Esposito
Nikki Glaser
Sara Schaefer
Amy Schumer
Natasha Leggero
Demetri Martin (he has a lot of visual jokes, not sure how they work audio-only)
Jonah Ray
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Jamie Kilstein!
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I'm kind of right there with you on your favorites so can I add Paul F. Tompkins and Gary Gulman? Also, for a wonderful treasure that I love listening to on roadtrips: anything by Bob Newhart. Also also, I have a soft spot in my heart for Paula Poundstone.
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Richard Lewis
Gilbert Gottfried
Yeah, Woody Allen
Jerry Seinfeld

(I don't know if any of these are on Spotify)
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Stewart Huff.
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Moshe Kasher!!!
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Jen Kirkman
Todd Glass
Jimmy Pardo
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Eddie Pepitone, I stumbled on him on Spotify and am now a fan. Very funny and different.
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-I feel like Natasha Leggero punches...laterally. Certainly not up.
-It feels really obvious to mention Sarah Silverman, but I'm going to mention Sarah Silverman.
-Michael Showalter.
-Dylan Moran doesn't appear to be on Spotify, but you can find him on Youtube.
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Came here to also nth Todd Barry! Four comedy albums on Spotify, ALL GREAT! Also Jen Kirkman is pretty delightful.
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Morgan Murphy.

Kathleen Madigan.

Iliza Shlesinger's first collection, which may miss on gender stereotypes for you. Her newer one goes much, much farther still, and it wears thin for me.

In retrospect, it's darkly bizarre that everyone here either recommends all male or all female lists of comics. So...

Eddie Murphy is older, but hard to go wrong. Bill Hicks' stuff also aged reasonably; not as well as Eddie Murphy, but still not shabby.
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