If it weren't screwed on... cell phone edition
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How do I not lose my phone? I like to keep my phone out constantly so I can take pictures and the like but I run the risk of losing it.

My cell doesn't live in my purse or crossbody very much. I like to keep the phone out to take pictures and you know, actually use my device. However, I'm prone to losing it and leaving in a table (or in the case when I was in Greece, leaving it in the back of a cab). I've seen cell phone lanyards on amazon but they don't look very secure. If I could somehow screw my phone phone onto my body I would! Do you have any suggestions? I'm not looking for mental hacks or tips, I'm looking for an actual product to attach to my person.

I'm game for it being attached to my neck, wrist or even torso! Just as long I can keep it out and use the phone. I have a Galaxy 7 if it matters.
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So.. this might be an expensive option, but I wear a pebble time and anytime I get too far away from my phone, it vibrates to let me know.

As an added benefit, I don't have to check my phone ever for messages/notifications.. and it can stay on silent 24/7.
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Best answer: I have a linkmount, which includes a tether. I like the ring, which I can use to have it kind of attached to my hand, but still let me open my hand and do other things with it. YOu can put the tether around your wrist or clip it to a belt loop on your pants.
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Pebble disconnect notifications usually depend on the watchface you have set and whether or not you've enabled it in that watchface. I, for one, walk away from my phone (in my desk) at work, and if I've switched faces, I get surprised by the notification if my more habitual face doesn't vibrate on disconnect.

That said, it's an ultra-common feature in pebble faces.

Belt-clip cases are still around; Otterbox makes a belt holster for their Defender line of cases (which are pretty solid cases). That's where I'd go with this. I think in general you'll be looking for a case that attaches to your person somehow.
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Be aware that the range for pebble bluetooth is probably too generous to be useful to the OP. I could leave my tablet at my desk, walk 20 yards to the lunch room, and receive no disconnects (which is why I'll never use bluetooth smart unlock). If leaving one's phone in a taxi is a possible problem, the taxi will be too far for the driver to likely be paying attention to you frantically waving your arms when you get a bluetooth disconnect. Similarly, if one leaves one's phone on a counter/surface in a busy area and walks 10-20 yards away it's a miracle if the phone is turned in to a lost and found, instead of someone being one phone richer.
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Have you looked at camera wrist straps? There might be some with adapters that allow you to attach them to a phone.
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+1 for the Otterbox case. I have one for my iPhone 6s which includes a belt holster, and it turns out they have one available for the Galaxy S7 here. Very rugged, and the belt holster is easy to use.
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Actually just this weekend I was at a thing where one of the women speaking had her phone on a lanyard around her neck, hanging by a silicone bungee looking thing like this. It didn't look like a very involved piece of equipment, but she was bouncing all over the stage (she had a musical routine and was tambourining) and lifting stuff throughout the day (i.e. not being gentle or careful) and still it hung resolute. Seemed like a pretty successful product.
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Best answer: The Ninja Loop! If you attach it loosely enough, you can wear it around your wrist.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to update, any smart watch option is useless as the reason I have my phone out is to take pictures and record videos.
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I know you mentioned you don't think of the lanyard type to be secure, but it is incredibly common here in my current home of Japan. I would suggest one with an adjustable strap to fit the length you like.

Outside of Japan it may not be too common, but it is very typical to have phone cases here where the case has a double thread hole arrangement to loop wrist or even detachable neck straps through (like an ID tag or lanyard strap). I have one all the time to avoid fumbling my phone.

For example: lanyard and case this one happens to have a case with an actual loop built in for a detachable hook. There are others with more simpler arrangements.
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Response by poster: Hi - I am open to lanyards but would prefer specific recommendations since the ones I've seen look flimsy. Also pockets, I have my phone OUT constantly. Pockets keep my phone not out.
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Smartwatch is completely compatible with taking pictures and recording videos, but agree with the above that the range is too far for you (it is great for "I left my phone at the restaurant" but terrible for "I left my phone in the taxi").

Can you clarify what part of the lanyards look insecure to you? Is it the attachment to the phone, the attachment to you, or some part in between?
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Response by poster: I am looking for specific product recommendations. As in, buy THIS. The suggestions for the link and ninjaloop are hitting the mark.

As far as I'm aware, there is no smartwatch that can take a picture as well as my SG7, the quality would not be up to par. I'd be happy to be mistaken but I think not. I also would like for it to take crisp video and be able to use snapchat. Again, I'm sure this isn't possible at this point now. Otherwise, I continue to welcome suggestions to attach my cell phone to me, and not any other suggestions like buying a smartwatch.
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Seconding Bodrik's recommendation to get a case that has attachment points like Ringke's Air or Fusion cases. Pair it with the strap of your choice (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4), and you should be ready to rock.
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There are always systems like Trackr and Tile (I'm sure there are others) where you put a tag on something (keys, wallet), and an app on the phone, and when they're separated by a certain distance there's an alarm of some sort. Actually, looking at the sites, I'm not sure Tile will alert you as it happens. Oh, looks like Wuvo/Spot is another option with "separation alerts".

Note: I have not personally used any of these systems, but I've seen positive reviews.
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