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I have a few hundred photos on Facebook that I'd like to hide in batches, so only I can see them. Either this is impossible to do (reasonably) quickly, or Facebook's delightful UI is throwing me.

None of these photos are personally painful or unpleasant to look at, but I tried doing this one by one by removing tags and...I don't really need a highlight reel of my mid-late 20s problematic drinking and very poor relationship choices backwards in slow motion. This does not mean I want the photos to disappear, since I'm sure they'll be meaningful or edifying or at least amusing years from now, I just don't need them super accessible by everyone I'm "friends" with. Is this a possible thing to do in less than, say, 20 minutes?
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Response by poster: Oh, and I don't want them all to vanish, because there are some extremely cute kitten photos in there, as well as a nice representation of how I've progressed as an artist.
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Are these photos you've uploaded yourself, or photos other people have uploaded and tagged you in?
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If any of them are photos you have taken, save in an album you created, you can set the album's audience to 'Only Me'. Otherwise the way I did this was to set individual photos to 'Only Me'.
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Personally, I think this is by design. Losing all my pics because FB makes it seemingly impossible to apply any logical, efficient process to saving/moving them in bulk is the single thing that's kept me from ditching it forever.

And they don't want you to "Hide" them from anyone either, so they have no efficient way (at least that I have found) to restrict access to pics in bulk. They want you to TAG and SHARE and let EVERYONE SEE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
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Only way (that I have found) is to move the photos into an album and then set that album as "Only Me". I have an album named just "Photos" that I set to friends and then the other ones I usually hide after a bit.

Anything posted to your timeline, mobile, instragram etc, you will have to either change individually or move to an album.

Untagging photos unfortunately I think you have to do individually.
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I just saw a new method to untag photos here:

go to " Activity Log "
from the left select " photo " >> " photo of you "
and you can select 10 items per once

It works in a browser on a computer.
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