Chinese puns poster online?
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Someone made a cool image illustrating some large number (more than 30 but less than 100?) of puns/proverbs/idioms in Chinese (I think Mandarin, but don't remember.) There was a key in English to each of the puns/proverbs/idioms, but the image had no words on it. Naturally, I lost the bookmark and can't find it now that I want to show someone else. Can you help?

I know there was a table of guys eating outside a house (with a horse? and a ghost?) with all sorts of things happening inside and outside as part of a cohesive scene. It was a cartoon, but with a pixel-art feel, in color. It was in the last 10 years, and I thought I saw it on Boingboing, but it's not showing up on their search.
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Best answer: 81 Cantonese proverbs in one picture
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Response by poster: THANK YOU! Now I can share it all over!
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