Using lacto vs. apolactoferrin supplements for anemia?
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Confusion about using lacto vs. apolactoferrin. Any iron supplementation experts that can tell me more about this/these?

Of course I know that YANMD and that there are many ways people have iron deficiencies. In my piles of research on ways to boost iron with oral supplements, I've read some stuff online regarding the use of lactoferrin supplements instead of a traditional iron supplement for anemia . I've also read that it has antimicrobial properties.

However, while it seems obvious that they use "lactoferrin", when I look around online at buying the stuff I also notice "apolactoferrin" (which by the names, duh, should be enough to tell me a is what I would try vs. b just based on the name and say, the above mentioned study).

Any iron supplementation experts out there that can tell me more about lactoferrin and/or apolactoferrin?

Thanks much mefiters. : )
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I'm not an expert but I did read Wikipedia. Lactose trim comes in two types: apolactoferrin which lowers iron levels and hololactoferrin which is rich in Iron (some web sites all this regular lactoferrin). So if you do really have iron deficiency do not take apolactoferrin.
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