Wedding spot near Beacon NY
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We are looking for an nice, special and simple spot near Beacon, NY for our wedding. Google and there are lots of wedding "venues"; but these are not what we want. A special spot; a beautiful building; a nice garden. We can have it catered locally, but want to avoid the usual rented event/hotel destination spots.
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I missed the weekend because of a sick baby, so I wasn't there personally, but some friends of mine just rented this house in New Paltz, which they said was really lovely and evidently can accommodate (very) small, rustic weddings, if that's what you're interested in.
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Looks like it's possible to do weddings at Storm King Art Center.
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Hey! The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome does weddings! Biplane rides!
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The (non-denominational) Chapel Restoration in Cold Spring looks quite nice, is historic, and is of very easy access.
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OK, last one -- you can get married on a steamboat on the Hudson River! Poot poot!
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My friends got married about 2 months ago in the Howland Cultural Center. It was a lovely little venue. The reception was at the University Settlement Camp.
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I got married at the Belltower in Rosendale NY, could not have been happier.
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This lovely historic house and barn on the Hudson!
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My wife and I got married 17 years ago at Dutchess Manor.

It was a great was perfect, the place was beautiful, the employees were nice/helpful, and while I don't recall the price I remember it was pretty reasonable. And it is very close to Beacon!
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