Help me with my nano. Much appreciated.
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How can I make my nano's library a playlist on my 5G ipod?

I have a very good bunch of songs on my ipod nano (it only holds 1k songs, so it's a subset of my 4K+ songs that I have in iTunes). Now, I'd like that nano's whole library to be a playlist that I could listen to on my iPod video. Google and trial and error have failed me. Any ideas how to do this? (I'm not trying to pirate any songs here, the nano doesn't hold any music that isn't already on my iTunes or 5G iPod.)
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How are you currently syncing your nano? I'm guessing manual updating, but knowing that for sure will help figure out how best to solve your problem.
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Response by poster: I am manually updating on the nano and auto synching on the 5G.
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Best answer: Select all the songs on your nano, do ctrl/cmd-I (depending on Windows/Mac) and add a "tag" to the comments, like "tonano". Then make a smart playlist for the 5G that is "comments include 'tonano'" or some such.

The disadvantage is that you'd have to retag when you added or removed. Perhaps this is where Applescript comes in? (IANAAE -- I Am Not An Applescript Expert)
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Response by poster: very very smarts, thanks for the help. that worked.
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