Simple exercises that I can do to work up a sweat
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I need an exercise to do indoors w/o any equipment that will make me work up a sweat without being hard on the joints (no running on the spot). Nothing that will tire my muscles too quickly (pushups) or wind me too quickly since it takes a while to start sweating...

This is so I can get into a cooler shower so it doesnt dry my skin out. I use a bike to do the trick but I dont always have access to one.
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This site is sort of amusing, but it also has some good ideas: Shovelglove. It does require one sledgehammer, but that seems like it might be more of a "find it around the house" type instrument than a bicycle or some such.
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Response by poster: Interesting, but I cant rely on any specific props being at my disposal :)
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I second shovelgove. It makes me sweat!
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Squat Thrusts
Mountain Climbers

They may be considered "hard" on the joints though.
Check out:

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I was going to first shovelglove, but I'll third.
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Burpees (video clip)

as mentioned by erd0c

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Depends on your goals... Strength, aerobics? What? I don't understand the purpose of not drying the skin out? Wha? Anyhoo.

For strength/conditioning erdoc nailed it... Train for strength is a great site.

Do you have a high enough cieling for skipping rope (equipment I know... but minimal)? Rope skipping is awesome and using an MP3 player or something really ads to the excercise. It's faily easy on the joints. More so than running.

Otherwise shadowboxing is easy and great.
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If you're looking for something that'll get you sweating, but at a controllable rate, without undue joint strain, and yet can be cranked up for a full-scale aerobic workout:

Close the blinds.
Turn down the lights.
Put on your favorite music.
Turn up the volume.
Dance your ass off.

Seriously. And it's good for the mental health as well.
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It sounds stupid, and it's expensive, but I have nothing but good things to say about the Body Blade. I first encountered it on a late night infomercial many years ago, and thought "that's stupid and too expensive", but I was curious anyway. When I had shoulder surgery a few years ago, my physical therapist had one among the dozens of exercise thingees in the gym, and of course I had to try it out. I got hooked, and bought one of my own. I still use it when I feel too lazy to go to the gym.
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Oh, you said no props. Pilates or yoga is probably your best bet.

Or, alternatively, you could put the shower on high and let the steam fill the bathroom. Sit in the hot room for a while, then turn the shower on cold and get in.
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"This is so I can get into a cooler shower so it doesnt dry my skin out."

Warm water is more dehydrating then cold water? Drying skin out as in washing away the skins natural oils? Part from you probably staying a longer time in the shower if it's warm and comfortable I don't see how it would matter much.
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Stair-climbing machine. The only exercise I do. I always get a good sweat out of it, even though that is not my goal. I choose it because it is easy on the body and good aerobic workout. It's also easy to start at an easy pace and gradually increase as your condition improves. 30-45 minutes/session is good.
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No equipment puts out most of the answers here. Yoga, or Pilates, would easily meet all of your requirements. The shadowboxing and dancing ideas also seem pretty good as you can go at your own pace. Walking is also a great exercise which is not hard on your joints, but you did say inside, unless of course your inside is a whole lot bigger than my inside. The key to any exercise program is maintaining your interest. Getting a set of tapes to follow can be a big help here. They seem hokey, but other than providing some ideas on what to do, keeping your interest and changing things around enough to do that is their main benefit.
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Response by poster: I guess ideally I have another requirement: an exercise that can be done upstairs that wont sound like someone is 'banging around up there'.
Yoga and Pilates can make you sweat? Well, I was meaning to look into Yoga...

Thanks for the ideas people, those burpees are a good exercise that ill have to add to my repertoire!
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For what it's worth, a burpee is basically a yoga motion, but faster and with a little jump at the end.
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That'd have to be some intense yoga to make you sweat significantly. Unless, of course, it was that hot room yoga whose name I don't remember.
I'd suggest getting a box or something and doing some step-ups.
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