What to do on a second trip to Maui
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I will be traveling for a second time to Maui in November. We did a lot of the basic tourist things on the first trip, so I'm looking for interesting ideas for what to do on this second trip.

Have done the road to Hanna. Sunrise at Haleakala followed by a bike ride down the volcano, hiking in the national park, snorkeling with the turtles and also a snorkeling trip to Lanai. Did one of the big luaus, and that show about the history of Hawaii. Went to Mama's Fish House and had a drink at the pool of the 4 Seasons. Took a trip to Little Beach.

We can do some or all of that again, but would like some new experiences. Are there any less popular but equally or more spectacular things to see and do?
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Couple ideas:

1) get out on the water again! If you are going in later November you may be able to go out whale watching, but just going out at all for a cruise or a snorkel cruise is fun. I liked snorkeling at Molokini.

2) SO touristy but I liked the zip line.

3) the best meal I have ever had in Hawaii was at Star Noodle in Lahaina.
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Learn to dive. Dive the ocean side of molokini crater.
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An alternative to the luau is an indigenous cultural history walking tour with http://mauinei.com/ (warning: music set on as a default; turn off your speakers if you're at work). It's an indigenous-run non-profit and it'll help you to see Lahaina with totally new eyes. We went on a tour and there were only six people for the whole time. Very valuable if you're interested in authentic, non-commercial Hawaiian culture.
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Seakayaking is super fun

Eat (more) shave ice

Dole Plantation

Surfing lessons

2nding Molokini

Puddle jump over to Oahu and visit Pearl Harbor

Drive to the black sand beach

Perhaps see if you could WWOOF at a farm for a few days or some other kind of eco volunteering
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Stay not only near the beach but also a couple of days in the Upcountry. It's a very different place than near the beach. Also, the winery is worth a visit - their pineapple wine is quite good.
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Seconding Upcountry Maui - take a day to drive up and see the Surfing Goat Dairy, lavender farm and the winery. Great hiking and mountain biking in that area too.

The Iao Needle is another good, quick hike.

For West Maui- Dragon's Teeth is a hike to a cool lava formation near Kapalua. There's great food at Leodas on the way to Lahaina and a good petroglyph hike behind the restaurant.
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Did you drive around West Maui Mountain last time you were there? It's gorgeous and plenty of stops, just like road to Hana. Have you checked out the Maui Revealed book? It will give you a good idea of what that drive is like and other hidden gems around the island.
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Bike ride up the volcano is also lots of fun. And pain.
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Visit the Nekalele Blowhole, watch a cliff diver jump from Black Rock at sunset, eat at Aloha Mixed Plate and Star Noodle in Lahaina, drink at the Maui Brewing Co. brewpub in Lahaina, and visit the Maui Ocean Center in Wailuku.
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Follow chefs Sheldon Simeon of Maui and Lee Ann Wong of Oahu on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram from now until you leave, for information about events and farmers markets.

I really enjoyed the Paragon sail to Molokini. They actually sail.
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We were there last November and did a tour of Ocean Vodka and the winery, they're only about ~40 mins apart. There were lots of people at the winery, but not very many at the distillery, we really enjoyed both!
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Lots of great tourist/out in nature suggestions above, so I'm going to give something different. We went to a comedy/magic show in Lahaina when I was there. That is not necessarily even my thing, but it was such fun and I recommend it to everyone who goes. Have fun!
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On Road to Hana, did you do the lava tube, black sand beach and hike to Waimoku Falls? Those were the highlights of that trip for me. Also, you can rent a Jeep from Kihei Rent a Car and go all the way around, which is MUCH better than having to turn back 2/3 of the way there. Camping in Haleakala Crater would be very cool. The West Maui/Molokai Helicopter ride is absolutely AMAZING.
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