Is there a best shape for progressive (varifocal) glasses?
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About a year ago I got my first pair of varifocal (or progressive) glasses. It was an improvement on my previous situation, and I'm not unhappy with them. However, I wonder if I made a mistake with the shape of the lens. The frames are rectangular and the lenses are about 6cms across and 3cms down.

When I look down at the floor, go down steps, or read while sitting on a train, I find that I'm looking under the frame, which made me think that a different shape (oval, circular?) might be a better choice.

I'd give my current classes 7 / 10. Is it worth trying other frames, or is this as good as varifocals get?

2 other thoughts: ridiculously tiny head / thin face, and not interested in online stuff at the moment. Mostly I'd like ideas from varifocal wearers who have tried more than one frame.

Many thanks!!
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Best answer: It's not only the shape of the lenses--obviously a taller lens works better for progressives than a very short lens, and round might work better for you than rectangular--but also how close they sit to your face. When I complained to an optometrist about seeing under my lenses, he told me I need to pick a pair of glasses that rest closer to my eyes. The optician helped me find glasses that should do this, and I tried them all on; exactly one pair in that shop worked really well. They adjusted the angle a little bit, too, so that the bottom edge rested closer to my face.
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Best answer: Fellow tiny head progressive wearer here... I had good luck with a cateye kids frame, oddly enough. The frame is Lafont Olympe.
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Best answer: I've been wearing progressives for a good long time now. My lenses are roughly rectangular and do quite well. Depending on your prescription, lateral focus isn't going to be all that great, though I believe Varilux has a new type of progressive with improved lateral focus.

Definitely, the taller the lens, the better your focal zones are. A narrow lens will result ins squished focal areas that are next to useless in real world use.
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Best answer: You want to avoid the lens being too short vertically, as that's where the variation happens and it will be compressed into a tight space.
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Best answer: Did your opthamologist tell you to point your nose where you wanted to look?
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Response by poster: "Did your opthamologist tell you to point your nose where you wanted to look?"

No, although I suppose that would make sense.

In fact, what I sometimes find myself doing is raising my head to look down (i.e. on stairs, when reading).
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Best answer: My second pair of progressives are way better than the first pair. The second pair are somewhat rounder but that was the result of finding a taller vertical dimension. My biggest complaint was that as a short person, I had a hard time watching concerts or viewing anything distant when I was in a crowd. Since I'm short, I'm almost always craning my neck to get a view over the head of whoever is in front of me and that always resulted in shifting my vision into the middle section of the lens. With a taller lens, they can drop the top zone further down.
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Best answer: Seconding the need for correct fitting of progressives. It's unlikely they will "just fit". The optician needs to check the fitting thoroughly.

A focal point needs to be in the right place re: your eye. If the lens is too close, or too far away, from your eye, it won't be. And progressives have multiple focal points.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Just got a new pair, and it's a definite improvement.
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