I want Ali Wong's glasses!
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I watched Ali Wong's Netflix special last night. I LOVED her glasses and want to know who makes them and if anyone sells them. So do a lot of other people.

I've found multiple places online (reddit, twitter) where people ask her directly, and she doesn't respond. Evidently she's been wearing these for at least a few years, because people write blog entries about searching for them too.

Here, here, and here are photos. And here is the closest pair I could find, which are sunglasses (and I don't need sunglasses.) I've scoured Zenni, Coastal, Shopstyle, and other sites.

If you know who makes this specific pair of frames, please let me know! I'm crosseyed from trying to find these online. Much appreciated.
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here is the closest pair I could find

These and these are close, and are regular frames. No vouching for the links, though.
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To me those actually look vintage - I've seen late eighties/early nineties frames of that general type. Etsy often has a pretty good selection of vintage frames - you might have to really comb through them, though. For fit, what I would do is measure a pair of frames that fits you well - how wide is the nose bridge? How high and wide are the lenses? How wide are the frames from side to side? Also, take note of where the bridge hits - on these, it is at the mid-point, which is part of what makes them look late eighties to me. (Those D&G ones you link have a higher bridge - it sits close to the top of the lenses, even though there's a thick browline piece on top. FTR, high quality sunglasses like those can be made into glasses - just have your optometrist change out the lenses. Low quality sunglasses not so much, but these should be constructed just like regular optical frames.)

You might check out LA Eyeworks - they have some colorful retro frames that are somewhat reminiscent of these (you can usually order their frames from Eyeglass.com, but they are whoaaaaaaa expensive).

Also, try googling "oversized catseye frames" - that seemed to pop up a few possibilities for me.
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My gosh Room 641-A, those Kate Spade frames look like the ones! And I LOOKED AT KATE SPADE FRAMES.

And Frowner - thank you! I looked at LA Eyeworks at like, 3am last night, and found lots of cool, expensive frames :-)
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A few of Chloe's frames look similar to Ali's.
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I believe they are the Barton Perreira "Valerie" in Crimson Enamel! (thanks to this comment on her IG)

also, confirmed by the brand here
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acidic - you are an excellent glasses detective! I should have just gone to the source instead of spending ages looking on frame sites!
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