Does okonomiyaki sauce go bad?
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Does okonomiyaki sauce go bad? Or is it something that doesn't really spoil, and they are required to put a date on it?

I found a bottle of okonomiyaki sauce in my cupboard that is unopened. I see the date was 2015-12-08. So my question is:

Does okonomiyaki sauce go bad? Or is it one of those condiments that doesn't easily spoil just from age?

I'm not attached to the sauce. I can go buy more. If I can't use it, it goes in the trash.

Thanks MeFites!
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I think you can totally eat that.
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Best answer: You did not list a brand or ingredients for this brand, but Chef Google tells me the ingredients are generally Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and Soy Sauce.

Go ahead and taste it. Should be just fine!
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Best answer: Worst case scenario is that it has been infected with bacteria which will make it sulfury and sour. This should be obvious as soon as you taste it. It could make you feel bad if your stomach isn't used to fermented foods, or if you have gout or other reasons to avoid inflammation triggers, but otherwise it should be harmless.

Basic rule of thumb is that if it isn't raw meat or vegetables, it just gets (potentially) less palatable over time, but is very unlikely to actually hurt you. If it didn't have botulism, salmonella, fecal bacteria, etc. when it was packed, it won't grow in it as it's stored.
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I 'd hit that. If it was packed properly and never opened, 6 months past the date on the bottle should mean nothing.
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Best answer: Okonomiyaki sauce is super stable. I wouldn't blink at eating that unless a noticeable amount of pressure is released when you pop the seal. (If it's the kind that comes in a rubber squeeze bottle, you'll be able to tell before you open it because instead of being firm, it'll be tight.
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