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Looking for this song. I don't know the lyrics. Just the tune of the chorus which I've crappily remade. Halp?

Really trying to locate this song before the tune exits my head. It's really well known and played on the radio often. I would guess it's from the 80s. Sounds similar to I'll Melt with You and Goodbye Horses. Singer is a guy. A friend sent me "Bring on the Dancing Horses" by Echo & the Bunnymen and that sounds real close, but it's not it.

I've kind of simulated the chorus through a virtual piano. A few notes are off, but most are right. Maybe this will help.

Thank you!
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Psychedelic Furs, maybe?
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Best answer: Is it "The Promise" by When in Rome?
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Response by poster: it's the Promise! Thank you!
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Best answer: We played that song (among others) at my best friend Josh's funeral. It meant a lot to us, but I never quite new why. One of those silly things...
Just had a real good cry. I need it. Thanks so much.
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