How do I thwart the app store redirect ads?
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Chrome in iOs. Sites like ESPN now frequently redirect me to the app store without my clicking any ads. It happens frequently enough that I've stopped going to some sites I used to like. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Is Chrome the problem? Hope me!
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ESPN isn't redirecting you, crappy ads that can hijack you are. Unless you're explicitly clicking on "Install the ESPN app to view this content" links, is not doing this itself.

Most major, professional sites would like to know that you're getting hijacked like this. I encourage you to use any available feedback forms. Lots of people aren't aware that their contracted ad providers are allowing these sorts of ads through and will demand their ad providers correct it once they know about it.

Stuff like "I won't use your website anymore because your ads keep redirecting me to the app store" makes sites take notice.
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Best answer: You can also turn off the App Store. (Settings / General / Restrictions / Installing Apps). This may seem like overkill but it's easy enough to turn it back on when you need the App Store.
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On Android, I can't read my Facebook messages in Chrome, it always redirects to the Facebook Messenger in the app store (And there's no way I'm letting Facebook any further into my computing trust), but Firefox lets me read them. Might try Firefox, but I also like the ad blocker suggestions.
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