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My collective facebook friends seem to have stopped posting anything interesting and my timeline has devolved into a 24/7 shouting match on politics/privilege/the election. I need new stuff. What are some beautiful, unique, artsy, stylish, etc pages I can follow. Interested in: art, beauty, style, fashion, weird stuff, horror, psychedelic, etc. NOT interested in: cheesy motivational stuff, cult of positive thinking, politics, war, guns, sports, cars etc. Give me your best! Bonus question: is there a easy way to filter out the angry posts but still see when a friend posts cute family pictures or life updates?
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The Best Simpsons Faces
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Best answer: V I S U A L T R E A T S
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Haute Macabre
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Design datoure.
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Des hommes et des chatons, maybe?

Den of Iniquities if you like goth/horror.

Benjamin Lacombe does a lot of Alice in Wonderland - inspired art, and it's awesome.
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sites I love: World of Birds, Marine Bio, The Earth Story, Neuroscientist news, Stephen Ellcock (art curator) I actually look at these sites and have muted most of my family and friends feeds. Improves Facebook immensely. ;)
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Faerie Magazine's FB posts some really gorgeous photos.

Morbid Anatomy's FB page posts interesting art and spooky stuff.
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my modern met
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Seconding My Modern Met
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1,000,000 Artists
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For art/fashion/interesting visuals and social media, you should check out Instagram if you haven't already. WAY less political outrage and angry diatribes and way more neat things to look at.
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Folt Bolt posts gorgeous, colorful art whether painting, fabrics, sculpture, jewelry, photos

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
so sweet you will be forced to smile!

Atlas Obscura, weird and unusual things and places

Fanstasy Art of Poul, a brilliant fantasy artist

Liam O'Farrell, beautiful, whimsical British painter, lots of British street scenes and gardens
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Atlas Obscura (interesting places around the world)
Colossal (cool art blog)
Abandoned World (urbex photography)
Abandoned America (ditto)
No Response Photography (ditto)
Abandoned Virginia (ditto)
Fake Science (low volume, but occasionally funny fake science facts)
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Broug Ateliers For Islamic Geometrical Design might be a little niche, but I find it brings stunning photography and artwork along with examples from modern practitioners around the world.
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Big Cat Rescue - pictures and videos of a variety of big cats that live in a rescue preserve in Florida

Bohemian Spirit - gorgeous pics of clothes, furniture, spaces done in a boho-hippy style.

Messy Nessy Chic - a variety of cool, arty stuff.
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BONUS ANSWER FIRST: For blocking specific topic posts, Fluff Busting Purity has a stop words setting. (Without FBP, I wouldn't touch facebook with a 10-foot pole!) or

Rather than suggest specific pages, I'd encourage you to search on your interests, as specifically as you can. Break each subject down, for example: what kind of art? what artists? what subjects? what media?
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Magnum Photos
The Atlas of Beauty
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A Way to Blue
Ukiyo-e & sumi-e
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The Great Panda Conspiracy has a lot of video of pandas at the zoo. Quite relaxing, entertaining, and entrancing to watch.
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