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I am a dedicated iPhone user. But I took advantage of T-mobile's free phone offer for my two children. Now they both have a Samsung On5, and I'm lost.

I've think I've got most things set up as far as privacy, tracking the phones when lost, and remote management for when they should not be used. Lookout was pre-installed for antivirus (I think).

I still need to enter all of their contacts though, and thinking of having to do this twice is driving me away from it. I think I need a desktop manager for Windows 10. My searches have brought up a few things, but I don't know what programs are trustworthy since I haven't seen any names I recognize.

What recommendations can AskMeFi make? What else do I need to know?
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Do your kids have google accounts? If so, I'd import the contacts all in one go to the accounts using these directions (set them up in one account, export, than import; or export the contacts specifically from your address book if you like - there's a standardized format). The contacts can then be synced to the device pretty much effortlessly.
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Can they not enter their own contacts?
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Rachel has it - the usual approach with an Android phone is just to let the phone sync your contacts from your Google account.

Alternately, the stock Android contacts app has an import/export option - you can import from vcf, export to vcf or share via NFC, bluetooth or what have you.

So you can enter the contacts on one phone & share them with the other one via whatever communications method you prefer.
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