Which treatments or illnesses are most susceptible to placebo?
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Surgery? Fungal cream & athlete's foot? Cough drops? What are the easiest ways to trick the body to heal itself? And in which domains is the placebo near-impossible? Thanks in advance!
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Here's a list of conditions where it has been studied with links to citations. Did you need something beyond this?
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Pretty much anything to do with pain. The same level of pain is notoriously difficult to define as it is entirely subjective. Your mood and something as simple as a distraction level will change the amount of pain that you feel.
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The nature of the placebo also matters. I don't have citations handy at the moment, but in a course on the psychology of pain I learned that the more expensive and complicated the placebo, the better it works (for pain at least, don't recall what conditions were studied).
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Just look at this:


Merely saying a word can decrease your pain, and there has been shown to be a greater reduction if you don't swear as much in normal conversation.
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The treatment for Parkinsons - L-DOPA - also causes problematic gambling and hypersexuality.
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As for near-impossible, I'd hazard cannabis research.
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Apparently, the immune system.

Also, seconding chronic pain. There's a lot in modern pain science focused on top-down processing and using the mind-body connection to "trick" the body into controlling pain: CBT-based pain management techniques, phantom limb pain and mirror box therapy, re-mapping disrupted brain maps of painful body parts, central sensitization, etc.
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