What can I grow starting now?
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I just got a patch of garden I can start growing things in. It is a bit late in the summer, so I am guessing I am out of the planting window for many vegetables. I was wondering what I could grow now that I may be able to harvest in the fall. Maybe chillies? I'm up for anything. I live in Portland, Oregon.
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Chillies need heat and don't like being damp, so I'd skip them. When I worked on organic farms we were absolutely still planting in July though! Kale, brassicas (broccoli, etc.), beets, carrots, fennel, leeks, salad greens, herbs, maybe snow peas and cherry tomatoes. Maybe pumpkins, especially smaller ones - check the back of the seed packed for time from germination to harvest.

Gaia's Garden is a great book, and the author is local to you so everything veers toward a PNW/Portland climate.

Your local university extension office, organic grower's association, and Master Gardener program will likely all have good local suggestions too.
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You can plant garlic in the fall and it will be ready to harvest next spring. Also, any crop that likes cooler weather. Spinach, kale, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, PEAS .... all of those should do fine. Herbs would be fine, too!

It is probably too late for peppers and tomatoes.
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I just planted herbs, which I think are great because I can use them right away!
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Depending on where you are, many nurseries are still selling herb seedlings, and you can essentially start using the older leaves right away, leaving the newer leaves to grow out so you can keep harvesting throughout the season. You might be able to grow other veggies depending on when your typical first frost is -- ask the folks at your local nursery. Later in the fall, plant some lettuce -- it grows quickly and likes cooler weather (the leaves turn bitter in hot weather).
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Radish for sure. Those suckers grow fast.
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Seconding radishes. Very satisfying.
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Thirding radishes. There are many varieties now, if you had a bad experience in the past with bitter radishes, there is a whole new world of colors and flavors of radish now in 2016.
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Lettuce! Lettuce likes cool weather and matures fairly quickly. I often sow a second batch around August and am harvesting through (Canadian) thanksgiving.

A mixed pack of baby lettuce would per perfect. And you can snip off leaves and it regrows.
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Not just lettuces, but lots of leafy greens. I'm in SF and plant arugula every three weeks or so, year round (and it's ridiculously easy to grow).
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It's actually the perfect time (or nearly) to start winter vegetables - especially root vegetables.
Seattle Tilth is a great resource and has published a region-specific garden guide - I can't recommend it enough!
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yes, lots and lots of stuff! google up your closest county extension (likely starting place) and they can provide you with tons of information about your specific area, the plants that will work now, typical bugs to look for and other great info. good luck!
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All good suggestions above. I'd add chard for soups and stir fry, the rainbow variety makes for a colorful garden. Plant small patches of carrots once a month for sustained harvest. Potatoes might work, home grown potatoes are more flavorful than market spuds.
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