Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Dallas Area
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A family member is in a very bad way with alcohol, pills, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He refuses to go to an in-patient facility, despite losing his family and home. Outpatient is a possibility. Does anyone have any recommendations for a center in the Dallas area, or advice on how to pick a good one?
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Sundance is nice but I only have experience with the Mansfield location. It is not a religious place, more of a behavioral focus: setting boundaries, journaling, etc.

I only know about that one because it was the closest to our house, so we lucked into it. Good luck and stay strong!
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You're going to want something harm reduction focused outpatient groups at first. If he becomes more treatment ready you can find him into more abstinence only programs.

Most outpatient places are going to require sobriety which involves at least detox but sometimes longer inpatient stays.

I'm not sure what is available, but harm reduction focused will get him in to see professionals who can work on treatment readiness and motivation.
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