Does this picture look familiar to you?
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Photography nerds: Help. This pic taken by a friend reminds me of... some relatively famous photographer's picture of a kid pulling a shirt up over his/her head.

I think its someone like Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Garry Winograd where a kid is pulling a shirt up over his/her head and pushing the face through. Maybe its in black and white.
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Are you maybe thinking of Annie Lebovitz's portrait of Isabella Rossellini and David Lynch? (I know it's a... stretch.) (I'm on my phone, so linking is hard.)
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David Bailey's Goat's Head Soup cover? Mick Jagger instead of a kid, but
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Also vaguely evocative of this
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If it's the striped shirt that is triggering the memory, maybe this?
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Maybe something by Sally Mann?
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Also check out Emmet Gowin, who has a photo that's similar.
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