Affordable beach-area hotel in Sarasota?
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Last minute, have to be in Sarasota, FL on Saturday night. I'm looking for an cheap, independent beach hotel to stay at. Mom and pop places are fine and welcome. Doesn't have to be right on beach, can deal with a few blocks away. Under $70 a night would be fantastic. Thanks.
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The Hibiscus Inn has rates from $79, is pretty close to the beach/bridge to the adjacent island, and has little kitchenettes so you can bring your own food. (There's a Whole Foods a bit north of it in downtown Sarasota, and another healthy-oriented grocery store you could walk to practically across the street.)
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We stayed at the Hibiscus Inn. It was quirky :)

Some of the light bulbs in our room didn't work when we checked in, but they replaced them. The bathroom window mysteriously didn't open. I think maybe a drawer didn't work?

But it was basically fine, just, well, quirky. The pool looked nice, although there was basically just a short wall between it and the highway.

A fun non-luxury place. Easy to find! The staff was great, and the place had recently changed owners, so it could be much improved by now.
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