How do I get this slideshow from my old computer to my middle-aged ipad?
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I have a slideshow of 392 photos in iPhoto version 8.1.2. I would like to show these photos tomorrow at a local event where I will have a table/booth but where I will not have electricity. So I want to put them on my iPad, which has better battery life than my ancient laptop. How do I do this?

I do not want to upgrade iPhoto. I have an iCloud account which backs up all my devices. I just upgraded the iOS on the iPad. In an up-to-date version of iPhoto this would be easy, but in version 8, the sharing options are laughably outdated. I googled but the recommendations I found all involved upgrading iPhoto.

Thanks for any workarounds you can come up with.
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Response by poster: Okay I thought the above advice would work for me, but I don't have a "photos" tab or option in iTunes when I select the iPad from the devices list.

My iTunes is as up-to-date as possible, but given the age of my operating system, perhaps it is not actually a new version? Are there any other ways to do this?
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Response by poster: What I ended up doing was using a specialized app called "Photo Transfer App." It seems like there should be a more direct way to do it but it was successful.
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They’ve rearranged the UI a bit since that linked page was written, but the Photos section is still there under the info for the iOS device when you select it in iTunes 12 (look in the left sidebar).
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To clarify, i see Apple has made it confusing. When in the view that has your iTunes library at the top of the sidebar, with the plugged-in iOS device listed next, clicking on the device in that sidebar does NOT show the configuration options for the device, it shows what currently is on the device (music, movies, etc., but not photo library stuff).

To show the configuration options, you must click on the tiny icon/button representing the iOS device on the button bar above the sidebar. The sidebar then changes view to show a list of settings (including photos) for the device followed by an “On My Device” section like you saw in the previous sidebar view that had options to look at your iTunes library & playlists on your computer.
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If the exported video winds up being under 500Mb, you could export the slideshow to a QuickTime movie and then upload it to a free Vimeo account (assuming you have WiFi at the location for your iPad to access the file on Vimeo).
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