Where are Series 1 & 2 of Endeavour?
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I have a recurring recording for Masterpiece Mystery on my DVR, and a few weeks ago I was suddenly seeing Endeavour in the queue. This is great because I found I like it a great deal. However, it is series 3, and I never saw the first two series. I went to my AppleTV to see if I could find the first two series there but I didn't see them. So, how can I (legally) view the first two series?

I checked on PBS.org website and didn't see an answer, and none of their contact forms appear to be the proper one to use.
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I did see they are available as DVDs, and if that is my only option, so be it; however, I prefer streaming if possible. At $45, it is too pricey.
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I have Amazon Prime & we have season 1 (4 episodes)
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Do you not have the Download on iTunes link for that series on the PBS site?
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I'm currently (as in literally this second) watching S2E4 on Amazon Prime Video. They have series one as well.
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At $45, it is too pricey.

If the streaming solutions don't work for you, this is exactly the kind of series that public libraries have on DVD.
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Start here with the pilot movie that happens before season 1. Explains a lot.
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We have been receiving nag mailers from Amazon Prime reminding us we haven't been using the video. Sri installed the Amazon Prime app on the iPad last night, and we fired up Series 1. Thanks all.

bcwinters: I asked our librarian, and our very tiny rural library doesn't have it. I was looking for something more immediate and without a return date, as we are slow when it comes to TV consumption. But thanks.
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