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I'd like to start using a mood tracker app on my iPhone but I need it to be quickly responsive and simple to use.

The more complex the entry system and the longer it takes to load up and get me to the "enter mood here" part of the app, the less I will be inclined to use it. So I need something that isn't weighed down with tons of features and is really just as basic as mood tracking can get. No ads, no IAP and a bare-bones UI is what I am looking for.

I'm fine with paying a one-time fee, but not a subscription.

I know there's apps that offer that kind of functionality on a general basis that can be adapted into mood trackers, but I specifically want a mood tracker app, not a general app that can be used as a mood tracker.
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MoodPanda is pretty basic, and it's free. You start the app, tap once to get a 0-10 slider for rating your mood, and tap to confirm. You can do things like add comments to entries, and there are community features, but you can easily ignore all of that stuff (that's what I do).
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I've tried Moody and liked it. It is very basic and you basically get to the mood entry point as soon as you open the app.
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I've used iMoodJournal and found it very straightforward and easy to use. Like MoodPanda, you can use the diary feature and tag your entries (to help identify what causes your moods) but you don't have to.
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Pacifica offers this feature, with a few others that are pretty easy to ignore if you wish.
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iMoodJournal also has a feature where you can set it to ping you at the same time/times every day and it will ask you to enter your mood at that moment. I found this a very helpful way to check in with myself.
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I use mood meter on Android but it's on Apple too I believe. It doesn't get any easier than it, the colour coding is so straightforward.
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