Any non-US mefites out there to help me watch Wimbledon?
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I'm in the US, no cable. I want to watch Serena make history in 40 minutes when Wimbledon's women's final starts.

Is there any option other than the tiny screen on I seem to recall that non-US Mefites helped others during the Olympics with non-US sports links. I don't want to join Sling TV, but that may be the only choice this close to match time. Thanks.
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Lots of sites have livesteams: espn, for example.
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You generally need a cable subscription that includes that cable station to use the online version. Do your parents or a sibling or a neighbor have a cable user ID and password they will share?
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I am able to go full screen on by hovering the mouse over the bottom right of the video until the bar comes up and clicking on the full screen symbol.

I also found this link that suggests some US ESPN solutions
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somehow the youtube stream is better for me with less hiccups.
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I take it all back, its highlights only on the wimbledon stream. Sigh. Sorry!
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Thanks, it all worked out with me joining Sling. And of course, my girl won & made history!!!
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