Mobility options for lining up/queuing up with bad feet
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So I have nerve damage in my feet and while I'm able to walk, I have a limit on the total amount of time I can spend on my feet before it becomes excruciating. I'm really tired of taking a wheelchair through airport security, and it's not an option in train stations. I'm looking for recommendations for some kind of device (or possible suitcase) that I could use to get me off my feet.

Problem is with the circumstances is that one moves along enough that it makes a folding chair impractical – and there's always the risk that that can be confiscated. I've seen some hard suitcases and think this might be an option but would need some recommendations on brands. I weigh 90 kg/200 pounds.
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What about those canes with seats built into them? Many options, generally running 25-40 dollars- like this one.
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I was going to suggest a Portable Folding Tripod Stool from Amazon but Rockindata beat me to it.
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Looks like someone invented something along these lines... No idea if its any good, but here's one...
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Here's another, for less than 20 quid. Or an even cheaper (practically disposable!) version you could try on deep discount from Sports Direct here.
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I strongly recommend you read the one-star reviews of these products before you buy.
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I have a Zuca bag which is specifically designed to work as a seat as well. (It's pretty popular with roller derby players and, it looks like, other flavors of skate-sports.) I can't say enough good stuff about it -- it's pretty lightweight, and I am not a particularly small lady, but it is very comfortable to sit on, and has tons of room inside. They're not the cheapest things, but you get very good value for money, and they come in bajillions of colors and patterns.
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(And to add -- I was over 200 lbs when I bought my Zuca bag and it held my weight just fine.)
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Another option, though not integrated with your luggage like the Zuca bag, is a rollator—a walker with a seat built in. I have a similar situation to you, and getting a rollator a few months ago has been great. My kids and I have found that when I'm walking with it, the seat makes a handy shelf on which our stuff can be placed. I haven't flown with mine, but I have traveled by train with it, and it was a big help. As a bonus, its seat is actually often more comfortable than the benches or folding chairs or molded plastic that are available.
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Do you have a doctors note? It seems like some sort of accommodation would be perfect for this.
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My mother uses a rollator like the one not that girl describes, and it works really well for her. I also lurk on a few different disability forums for Disney parks, and a number of people who have trouble standing in one place when the line isn't moving seem to find them very helpful.
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