Instrumental music for a show about bullying
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Hi all -- I'm putting together a radio programme about bullies and am looking for instrumental music to use in between the interviews -- somewhat creepy and menacing but not too melodramatic, if that makes sense. Any (and all) suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your help.
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Requiem for a Dream.
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Neil Young's instrumental soundtrack to the movie Dead Man.
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Parts of Carmina Burana would be excellent.
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Seconding Mogwai. Other post rock to check out: Explosions in the Sky (especially their newest album seems fitting for this project), This Will Destroy You, possibly Caspian.
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David Shire's soundtrack from The Conversation could be suitable. Also on Spotify and iTunes etc.

Some examples:

Amy's Theme
Main Theme
Whatever Was Arranged

(Looking at comments on youtube, it seems to get used on shows like Radiolab and This American Life a lot, if that has any weight or bearing).
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Maybe something from the Jerry Goldsmith score for the John Landis segment of "Twilight Zone - The Movie." There are really active intense parts which might cross your line for melodrama, but there are also slower tension-building parts.
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Michael Oldfield's Tubular Bells.
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