Grassroots organizations working to influence Brexit negotiations?
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What are some non-party organisations working to unite the progressive left behind an exit process and subsequent deal that will be of greatest benefit to humanity and the environment?

I'm thinking of such non-party organisations such as 38 Degrees and Global Justice Now, both of which work at grassroots level.
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Migrants Rights Network. They are tiny but do great work.

What will happen to the rights of migrants? - a timely blog.
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Will there be the possibility of negotiations? Article 50 notice will have to be given by the UK government, so unless you're a rich white bloke in the Conservative party, you're not their constituents. After the notice has been given, the UK must take its lumps from the EU, who don't seem minded to cut the UK government any slack.

Local anti-racism and migrant support groups that help your neighbours might seem best. Right now, people need to see and know that not everyone shares the bigots' opinions.
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(It's probably way too early to talk about groups trying to influence negotiations.... as there are no negotiations at present).

I'd also expect Citizens UK to be working on this though.
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Sounds like you're looking for political organisations specifically aiming to affect the exit process, rather than society at large - but if you are also after the latter, maybe Hope not Hate.
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You might want to pick some of the specific issues that you are personally concerned about and seek out the campaigning organisations that are already working in those areas. I imagine they are going to be mobilising over the next few months...
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First priority is migrant support groups and orgs like Hope not Hate to stand up against the current empowerment of the far right fringe.

Then perhaps something like Democracy Club which is non-partisan and focused on accountability and transparency and remaking institutions. (See Richard Pope here.)
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