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My SO and I enjoy watching (and discussing) shows with each other, but need more recommendations. Special show-flake details below the fold!

A number of shows we like aren't showing new episodes until the fall, so we need new things to get us through the summer.

(Please assume we've seen the 'standard' ones that are no longer producing new episodes like Better Off Ted, Boston Legal, True Blood, etc - we're looking for shows still currently producing episodes.)

Shows We Currently Watch:
Lucifer (me more than him, but he tolerates it)
Game of Thrones (him more than me - too rape-y for my tastes)
Steven Universe
Adventure Time
Gravity Falls
Legends of Tomorrow (mostly)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
American Dad
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Jessica Jones

Shows We Are Trying Out:
Person of Interest
Bob's Burgers

Shows We (or one of us) Did Not Like:
Rick & Morty (I cannot handle the gross drooling/burping/body sounds)
Orphan Black
Mr. Robot
House of Cards
Arrested Development
The Other Arrowverse Shows
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You're the Worst and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
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Suits. And new episodes are about to air too!
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Orange Is The New Black. Season 4 was just released.
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The Detectorists!
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Jane The Virgin, Catastrophe, UnReal.
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Silicon Valley.
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Person of Interest. First 4 seasons are on Netfilix; the last (just finished this season) is findable. Season 1 is slow but stick with it because the payoff is so worth it.
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Yes, if you like John Oliver, you'll like Full Frontal. Great show. I also really enjoy the quirky Another Period on Comedy Central. Such satire.
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SHIELD; Ms. Fisher Mysteries; Fringe; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Gotham
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The Americans!
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Grace and Frankie, on Netflix. Even if you didn't like the story, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda turn in such great performances that those alone are worth attention. Plus the writing is good and the subject matter is pretty great and original.

Samantha Bee is an American treasure.
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Bojack Horseman! (You may need to give it a few episodes, but oh man, does it get good!)
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"Friday Night Dinner"
A very funny BritCom, I highly recommend it

"The Inbetweeners"
Another BritCom. Don't mistake this for the US version (which sucked)

Have you seen AbFab?
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As in Archer, almost everyone in Shameless is spectacularly, comically dysfunctional. In Archer, the 'family' are co-workers, while in Shameless they're a biological family. Unlike Archer, there is a selfless one who is mostly functional.
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Houdini and Doyle is a good, light murder mystery procedural with a nice twist.

Gotham is a fun, campy, ridiculous superhero show with great production value and an entertaining mix of one-off plots and season length stories.

Also you could always watch / re-watch Twin Peaks to get in the mood for the reboot in 2017.
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We also love all those shows you watch (but I agree GoT is too violent so not that one. And actually haven't been able to stomach Jessica Jones after I think ep. 3 even though it's excellent)
Also love, for humor and smarts (as mentioned by others):
Grace and Frankie, my current personal fave
Bojack Horseman

Elementary - I did not think I would like it but I really like it

Ones with no new episodes you may not have tried (also mentioned above):
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (a favorite, wish there were more of these)
Fringe (very dark, sometimes darker than I prefer)

Burn Notice (Bruce Campbell as wisecracking ex-cop in supporting role, yes please!)

And maybe try:
Venture Brothers

I am also a big fan of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple Series. Have watched multiple times.
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The Americans
Orange is the New Black
Silicon Valley

I am sort of nthing Suits, but it sort of hits the same note/conflict over and over, and so I don't know how well it holds up to discussion. In this vein, also: Scandal.

Also recommending:
The Leftovers

I've heard good things about:
Top of the Lake
O.J.: Made in America
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You might try Killjoys.
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You might enjoy Wynonna Earp. It's like a cross between Jessica Jones and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Wild West setting. Also, non-dead lesbians!
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The Americans
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Based on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend being a mock-musical, try Galavant. While the first season is fine, the back half of the second/last season was on fire.
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Better Call Saul and Fargo, both are particularly good for after-watch discussions.
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