How clean the outsides of my 3rd floor windows?
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Our apartment windows are double hung double glazed. Only the bottom window goes up; the top window doesn't move. How can I clean them? The magnetic window cleaners won't work because of the double glazing. Is there some sort of magic cantilevered tool, or I do I have to call the professionals with their scissorlift?
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I hate to be so vague, but I don't have one of these windows in front of me. There may be 2 little latches on the top edge of the bottom window, not in the middle, but near the sides, that allow you to gently tip it toward yourself and out of the frame.

Once this is done, you can most likely just reach the outdoor side of the upper window with your arm or perhaps with a Swiffer feather duster.

Be careful, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Good luck!
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Yes, my windows like that had two little sliding latches in the top of the frame that allowed the bottom window to tilt back into the room to clean the outside.
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If the windows are double-hung, the top portion should slide down just like the bottom portion slides up. In reality, I find I really need to tug on the top portion to lower it, but then it should have the same sort of sliding latches as on the bottom portion.
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Would one of these work?
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There are no sliding latches, alas, though they sound like a brilliant idea; these windows were built to fit a 1901 building. The $400 window-roomba might work, if I can trust it not to fall off the window and hurt someone or itself.
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If only one light moves you have a single hung window. The window robot can be tethered so that even if it looses suction it won't kill those below.

Are these wood windows? The best bet then is to remove one of your inside tracks and replace the nails with screws. Then you can easily remove the screws and track and lift the light into the room for cleaning.
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