What are the best pro-migration groups in the UK?
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I want to turn the sadness and anger I'm experiencing with the leave vote into something positive. My main thinking at the moment is that pro-migration groups are the best way to do this. Does anyone know of any good ones?

I'm sick and tired of this nation's attitude towards migration, and would like to do my best to combat it. I would like to find out the most pro-active groups around that I could support.

Ideally you have some direct experience of working with them to recommend them. I want clear, effective actions to take, and ways I can get involved.
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What kind of " clear, effective actions" are you interested in? There are two kinds of immigration action - actions to move broad public policy and public opinion and actions that attempt to influence individual cases (for example through the asylum appeals system).

It seems like you are interested in actions that affect the first. In that case, unless you have specific skills in media, communications or data analyisis or your earning potential is very low (for example if you earn under the living wage) your most effective action is almost certainly going to be donating money (and/or working more hours or a second job to get additional money to donate). That is not very glamorous but very likley to be more effective than random "outreach" as a volunteer or activist. I don't have a sense of any organisations that are very strong in this area though. I think it is quite plausible that donating to larger political parties (Labour or Libdems I guess) would be your best bet since the broad public policy groups have not done a good job and they shoulder the burden of such conversations.
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Jo Cox supported HOPE not hate. They have a big Get Involved button on their website, which includes a field for telling them about any useful skills you might have.
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There's a lot of local activism in my area to support the camps in Calais and welcome refugees locally. A lot of this is organised relatively informally through Facebook, and Twitter to a lesser degree. Help Refugees are set up as a charity, and there's info on their website on how you can support them. To find the more informal work, you could try finding a few relevant Facebook groups and asking there for suggestions. A lot of work here is being supported by the local churches and faith communities who are running advice sessions and support sessions, so maybe try there too...
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If you want to take "clear, effective action" the only thing to do really is to volunteer with one of the many charities working to support refugees and migrants in need.

I don't know where you are in the UK. Here are three of the best that I have some personal knowledge of, but there are many, many more. Any of these would welcome you:-

Migrant Help: "We help vulnerable migrants across the UK feel protected, safe, informed and supported so that they are able to move forward with their lives." A Dover-based charity working predominantly in the South East.

Refugee Action: "For thirty years, we've been standing up for people who've fled persecution, violence and harassment. " London-based, but also working in the Midlands and north west.

The British Refugee Council: "We work with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. We offer practical support and advice throughout their journey in the UK. We have been helping refugees for more than 60 years and have a thorough understanding of the difficulties facing people arriving in the UK, having fled war, rape, torture and with unimaginable stories to tell. Many refugees have lost everything and their lives will never return to normal. We offer a helping hand to support and empower them to rebuild their lives." Their name makes them sound like an arm of government, but they are a registered charity and one of the biggest in the field, working widely across the UK.

All of them list opportunities for volunteers on their websites. This is the way to make sure your sadness and anger (which I share) are put to the most effective use. Good luck.
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