RECOMMENDATION NEEDED: Easy way for a team to share ideas?
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My colleagues and I are looking for a simple way to clip and share ideas with each other. The keyword here is simple. Any recommendations?

More details:

We are all Social Media and Content Marketing people, so we all read tons of posts and stories every day about interesting campaigns, case studies, etc. We'd like to be able to easily share what we've seen in a sort of shared notebook or Someday/Maybe folder (to borrow the GTD parlance).

Here are some requirements:
* Must be cross-platform (we're a mix of Macs and PCs)
* SAAS or Webapp preferred
* Accessible via mobile app (iOS and Android if possible)
* Free
* The ability to email items we see would be a plus
* Some of us use Evernote, and some of us use OneNote. Simply sharing a notebook from either is a non-starter.
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I'd make a shared Trello board. It meets all your requirements. the emailed in items will appear in one column and can be sorted to your other lists/categories whenever.
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the utterly mundane (simple) cross-platform (cross-platform) approach is...put urls in a shared web-accessible (web, mobile) text file (email). don't cost nuthin' (free).
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Came here to suggest Trello as well. I recently just discovered it's email capabilities, which makes it 1000x more useful for me as well.
posted by cgg at 8:36 AM on June 24, 2016 is a less fancy option.
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If you need to do all this in real-time, Slack is cross-platform and free for unlimited users with some other limitations you might not need to worry about.
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We've tried a lot of project management and communication platforms at my small nonprofit, and Slack has been the only one to stick. It's simple and works similarly to a lot of social media platforms (tags, @replies, etc) so it feels more comfortable to use. It's also easy to share media/links in my experience.
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Nthing Slack. it allows for uploading of documents for sharing, "pinning" posts so everyone can access them at any time, DM'ing, and a whole bunch more collaborative functions. Plus, free.
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Google Keep allows sharing of notes, but I agree that slack is very good as well.
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i am super picky about communication tools, bug trackers, and the like, and slack actually works for tech and non-tech people.
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Slack, Trello, and shared Evernote notebooks are the things that come to mind (but you already mentioned Evernote won't work). Another idea, though I haven't tried it myself: Google Keep. Finally, what about using a shared Dropbox folder?
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