Hey Girl With Those Pretty Glasses, Where Did You Get Them?
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Today I tried on this pair of glasses & I loved them. I did not love the price tag - can you help me find them (or a very similar style) within my budget? Difficulty level: UK but happy to internet shop.

So, I tried on these fabulous black frames. I loved them because they have that catseye vintage vibe but still remain quite rectangular. They were also very comfortable to wear. Oh, and they suited my big face (IG link to face + current glasses). I've already googled the name of the frames and they appear to be a 2015 model now slowly going out of stock.

Sadly my budget does not stretch to £445 + roughly £200 lenses. I'd be happy to go up to maaaaybe £135 plus lenses, but only if the frames are super-omg-perfect. Below £135 would be fabulous. Happy to (re)glaze if needed.

So, to recap: black catseye frames with a rectangular flavour. Must be on the big side of things as I have a big face (trust me). UK dweller with internet shopping access.
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How about these?

I get an even cheaper price in the app!
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I go between using Optical4Less and Zenni. Both have affordable shipping, and decent prices on extras like polycarbonate material and transition lenses. Transition treatment is GREAT.

O4L is in China and has:
- similar in black and translucent purple, slightly less rectangular: http://www.optical4less.com/plastic-eyeglasses/P155/
- solid purple, less catsy: http://www.optical4less.com/Plastic-eyeglasses/p153/

Zenni is in the US and has:
- kind of iridescent purple: http://www.zennioptical.com/488117-acetate-full-rim-frame.html
- er, leopard-catsy: http://www.zennioptical.com/256325-flexible-plastic-full-rim-frame.html
- kind of burgundy: http://www.zennioptical.com/603115-acetate-full-rim-frame.html
- black, less catsy: http://www.zennioptical.com/336821-acetate-full-rim-frame.html

Lots more at Zenni, but their navigation annoys me.
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I would also take note of the stock number on the arm of the eyeglasses and google that. I tried on a pair of frames that cost $600 at the opticians. I took a note of the stock number on the frame, and by googling that number found them online for $150.

I respect the optician has overhead in terms of real estate, and would have gladly paid some additional margin to buy from him because a) I tried them on there and b) I would have liked to have the glasses immediately. By not a $450 margin.

The Ali express link from maya looks too good to be true. I'd verify that site before going that route.
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A friend of mine has been getting some really cute cat eye style glasses from http://www.coastal.com/
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Hey girl!
I know this is going out on a limb, and a bit against what you described, but you and I actually look very similar. So I'm first going to suggest the glasses I own now, which I get compliments on at least weekly. People will stop me in the hall at work, the grocery store, etc. to say something. Here's my face with the glasses.
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It's probably worth pointing out that Zenni's telephone customer support is pretty good in situations like this one. I was once able to obtain a pair of frames that looked very similar to a much more expensive pair that I'd seen at my optometrist after about five minutes of conversation with a very friendly rep.
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Update: I went with maya's suggestion. The frames arrived this weekend & they are exactly the same frames that I tried on - but with a completely different price tag. Thank you!!
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